Carnlough (location Game of Thrones)

Carnlough is a small vilage situated on North Coast, Northern Ireland. Is located beside the North Channel and at the foot of Glencloy, the second of the nine Glens of Antrim.
Carnlough from Irish Carnlach, meaning “place of cairns”.

What can you find there?
Very small harbour in the corner of the bay, beach, hotel, B&B, couple small shops, restarant, fast food, chinese food and coffe shop.


On west of the village are the quarries. The harbour, bridge and railway was built around 1853 by the owners of the quarries. The railroad was built for a network of mineral trams that transported minerals from quarries to the harbor and then transported them to Scotland and England.


The Londonderry Arms Hotel was built in 1848 as a coaching inn by Frances Anne Vane Tempest, Marchioness of Londonderry, great grandmother of Winston Churchill.

If you are going to stay in Hotel Night costs between £ 50 – £ 120 depending on the time of year.


4.6 miles Cushendall direction on the hill is hidden St Killian’s Catholic College. Not visible from the coastal street. The school was called, St McNissis, now known as St Killians, was originally built as a summer residence by Frances Anne. It looks like a fairytale castle. I recommend it to see !

If you like hiking you can go to the waterfall. 30 minutes (1.1 miles) to the northwest of Carnlough is a place called Cranny Falls.


If you like angling, you can, charter a boat and try your skill in fishing for cod, mackerel, pollock, conger and herring.

Usualy to take a boat you need maximum number of 10 people and minimum 4 people.

Cost around £15-20 per person (3 hour trip) includes all rods & tackle and tuition.

Game of Thrones – Location

Canal Steps in Braavos

In Season 6, Episode 7 (The Broken Man) of Game of Thrones, as the lords and ladies battle for the Iron Throne, the drama returns to Braavos, the fictional village filmed at Carnlough Harbor. The Canal at Carnlough Harbour is where Arya Stark was repeatedly stabbed by the Waif. Arya then jumps into the freezing water to escape and she crawls up the steps into the streets of Braavos.

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