Glenariff Waterfall & Forest Park

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7fpJEy7GK8 About  the Park Glenariff, the Queen of the Glens, is one of the nine Antrim Glens in Northern Ireland. Glenariff Forest Park covers over 1,000 hectares with planted woodland, lakes, outdoor recreation spaces and conservation areas. A lot of information about Glenariff Park can be found in English and YouTube videos. I translated and […]

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Carnlough (location Game of Thrones)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU934o2dvDI&feature=youtu.be Carnlough is a small vilage situated on North Coast, Northern Ireland. Is located beside the North Channel and at the foot of Glencloy, the second of the nine Glens of Antrim. Carnlough from Irish Carnlach, meaning “place of cairns”. What can you find there?Very small harbour in the corner of the bay, beach, hotel, […]

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Glenveagh Park - Na Owrajcie

A Trip to Glenveagh National Park

Narodowy Park Glenveagh (czyt. Glenwej) mieści się w północno-zachodniej części Republice Irlandzkiej w hrabstwie Donegal. Jest to jeden z najpiękniejszych Parków Irlandii, a także drugi co do wielkości Park Narodowy.  Położony jest w terenie górzystym, a dokładnie w miejscu gdzie rozciąga się pasmo górskie “Derryveagh” (czyt. Derywej). Przepiękne górzyste tereny z kilkoma jeziorkami i mnóstwem […]

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The website you are currently in, has been created as a result of the opening of YouTube’s “Na Owrajcie” channel. (Na Owrajcie, It comes from the word “alright”, exampel: This place is alright, okay, fine) You will find here photos, descriptions, interesting facts of all visited and recommendable places in Ireland and even more. You […]

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