Slieveanorra & Cushendun Cave (location Game of Thrones)

Orra More / Slieveanorra

Travel to Cushendun Cave trough Orra More / Slieveanorra (National Nature Reserve) –

It is view area on the Orra Scenic Drive between Magherahoney and Cushendun.

Orra’s importance is considerable, for it is regarded as an historical watershed: the crucial battle at which Sorley Boy MacDonnell irrevocably broke the power of the MacQuillans, giving him control over their old lordship of the Route.”

In any case, it is a beautiful landscape and a trip through the valley

I stop at the Altarichard viewing point where is car park on the Altarichard Road. It is also known as the Milibern Walk. It’s there the walking trail to admire outstanding views.

There is a famous mountain: Croaghan (469m hill). A name in Irish Cruachán.



Name of small village in County Antrim, Northern Ireland “Cushendun” comes from Irish “Cois Abhann Duinne” meaning “Beside The River Dun” or “Foot of the Dun” identifying the village’s location at the mouth of the River Dun.
Cushendum is placed on coast road between Cushendall and Ballycastle

Cushendun is located at the outflow of the Glendun and Glencorp valleys as well.

The pretty village was designed by Clough William Ellis in 1912 at the request of Ronald John McNeill, Baron Cushendun.

Cushendun was a safe landing place and harbour for the frequent travellers between Ireland and Scotland. Rival Irish clans often landed on the beach near Carra Castle.
Castle Carra lies in a field north of the coastal village of Cushendun.

When Castle Carra was built is unknown although it probably dates from early 14th century. Now you can find there only the ruins at private property probablly. Close to the ruins lie several Bronze Age standing stones.

The beautiful landscape attracted many artists to the village during the Victorian period.

Famous character of Cushendun was Johann the goat, a sculpture by the artist Deborah Brown is to his memory. He was a feature the harbour area for many years, grazing the river bank and welcoming visitors, especially those with edible items such as apples or carrots. Unfortunately during the Foot & Mouth outbreak of 2001, he had to be put down and was one of the last animals to die during the cull. Today, another goat Mirriam, carries on his legacy in the shadow of his sculpture, and I might add in much the same way as he did.

The plaque under sculpture reads
Sculptured by Deborah
Brown and presented by her to the people of Cushendun. August 2002. A goat was the last animal to be culled in the foot and mouth outbreak in Spring 2001

Cushendun has a beautiful beach from the harbour around to the boat slip close to Cara Castle.

If you go towards Torr Head you can admire the beautiful Cushendum landscape from above.

Game of Thrones – Location


Cushendun Caves were formed over 400 million of years of extreme weather conditions.
Everyone fans Game of Thrones will be interested to know that the caves provided the background for The Stormlands. The cave is behind the hotel on the right along the coast

Since 1954 part of the village and the parkland around Glenmona to the north has been cared for by the National Trust.

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